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Ok, this episode was awesome because I had a great chat with Bailey Rebecca Roberts who is a photographer that splits her time between Hawaii, Los Angeles & New York.

She was born and raised in Maui, went to school for photography in New York and has also been a photo addict from the very begging. Her work is deep and her passion shines through in it.

I really like her approach and hunger towards growth within the industry and her own as an artist. It was so refreshing to chat with her and I took away a lot of great insight to what it is like to be a photographer in the commercial side of things. Bailey is incredibly talented and has done work with some huge brands. If you want to see some of the brands she has worked with you can check out her website, there is an entire list of them.

More time to chat with her would have been nice since I have lots more to ask her about, hence, this will not be the last episode that she is on.

Your opinion really matters to me so let me know what you think about this episode. If there is anything else you would like to hear about on the Fuego Magic podcast. Feel free to email me directly at

This was the second third episode i have ever recorded remotely so bare with me if the quality isn’t what you are used to.


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