Fuego Magic with Liv Shaw FMP.38

February 24, 2023

Liv Shaw is an incredibly talented photographer based out of Maui, Hawaii. She is self taught from the very beginning, she shared her story with me and told me all about how she taught herself the art of photography using the internet as a source. We discussed editing tips, working with color and many other super useful tips and tricks for photographers no matter what focus.

This was a super fun conversation that I am super excited for you to hear.

excerpt from her site:

Hi! I’m Liv. I was born & raised in Switzerland and moved to Maui, Hawaii in 2021 to pursue my love of the water and lifestyle photography. I try to capture everyday moments that look authentic, natural & editorial.

I group myself as a lifestyle photographer because my photography offerings include all the things I love:

Food. (If you are or know of a chef, I will come capture your food any day. Taste tests included)

Beautiful Brands. If you own a brand & have a story, I’d love to help you tell it.

Surf. I love capturing friends & surfers out in the water.

Families & couples. If you’re traveling to Maui & want to capture your love in an authentic way, I’m your girl. Every now and then I get to shoot with little ones and it’s my favorite.

I have a genuine love for humans & capturing their stories. So if you happen to fall into one of those boxes, send me a message & we can sketch up a vision together.