Nessa is an incredible creative and super fun human to chat with. Her photography is pure Fuego and I can’t wait for you to dive into this episode!

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Excerpt from her site:

I drink an absurd amount of tea and I make videos occasionally. I adore art museums and dabble on the ukulele. I graduated with honors when I received my BFA in Photography from Shepherd University (a degree I was pretty sure people would care about when I was 18. So young. So naive). At least I’ve channeled some of my education into creating educational resources for other photographers over on Patreon.

My entire life, I’ve loved sharing my perspective; illustrating life as I saw it and taking photos of things I thought may be overlooked. And I even wrote a journal entry at the age of 7 stating I would someday be an artist. In a black and white composition notebook, I poorly scribbled the words:

“I don’t want to be famous, but I want people to want my art.”

As profound as my literary self-realizations were at 7 years old (to be honest, I mostly wrote about how much I love dogs, which is still totally accurate), it’s admittedly a little difficult to write about myself here. Not to mention it’s much more interesting to tell stories using photographs, which thankfully, is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years shooting weddings full time. I narrate the families and friends and love using captivating light and a series of photos that tell the story about you. Together, we create images that draw you back into those moments, that make you feel light and love and that say exactly who you are.

Getting to work with you on your wedding day is so much more than just photojournalism — there’s the “getting to know you” bits and the “getting to share the things you love” bits that we’ll share. Everything from weddings to editorial and lifestyle portraits to working at a newspaper has taught me to see beauty and adoration through the lens of a camera, and I would love to tell your story.