This is a major gear shift from the usual podcast that I share but I thought it was a necessary one as many people in our industry will benefit from this. I have always been really interesting in prolonging the optimized performance of my body to be able to do what I love for as long as I can in this life. This is the reason I reached out to Vinny with Pain Academy. He is a posture therapist and helps you get your body back into place where it is fully aligned and performing the way it was intended to. I know this is relevant to us since we spend long hours in awkward positions while shooting and sitting at the computer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Vinny was kind enough to put together a basic program with a routing to get ready for work and decompress afterwards, I volunteered as the subject to show you really how much this career can affect our bodies!


Excerpt from his site:

Your posture tells a story…

This story is really a compilation of everything you and your body have been through over the years.

Past injuries, jobs, sports, how you think, what you’ve been taught, your environment, lifestyle, and your emotions, all shape the way you move and feel today.

Your history – past and present, can knock you out of alignment, not only creating pain, but adding excessive wear and tear on your body, mind, and emotions, on a daily basis.

Our online program gives you the skillset to give your body what it truly needs so you can heal on a deep level and sustain your results long term.

Let us help you rewrite your story.


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