How much time do you ACTUALLY need your photographer for?

February 21, 2024

Let’s talk timing for each aspect of your wedding day

If you are wanting photography coverage from hair + make up to the dance party, I will always recommend 8 - 10 hours of coverage. You will NEVER regret having TOO many photos trust me!

Let me do a quick breakdown on how long I personally allot to photograph the main aspects of each wedding.

Getting ready: When I show up to capture the end of your hair + make up, I will also be planning to photograph all your details. Your details include: the dress before it’s on, your jewelry, your invitation suite (don’t forget to bring this!), your rings, your shoes, any sentimental items, + the gifts (if you chose to exchange them).

I will also be planing to capture the groom getting ready with his groomsmen.

45 - 60 minutes MINIMUM - this is of course dependent on if you are getting ready in the same place + how many are in the bridal party.

Getting in the dress + bridal portraits: Once you are ready to get in your dress, I’ll be capturing your bridal party or family member assisting you + putting on your jewelry + shoes. From here I will do some solo shots of you.

If you + your bridesmaids have matching robes or a fun shot you’d like to do, we will do that before getting you in your dress.

30 - 40 minutes

FIRST LOOK: if you are doing a first look, GREAT! More couples portraits for you! (I go into the pros + cons of first looks in my Bridal Guide 👇)

25 minutes - this will of course depend on where the two of you are meeting + it gives you a few intimate moments together

Ceremony: the ceremony is when I will pull back + be a fly on the wall capturing the beauty you’ve been waiting for.

Family photos will happen immediately after your ceremony, unless you had a first look + family photos were done at that time

30 - 60 minutes, this is totally dependent on YOUR ceremony length

After your ceremony, the reception coverage will depend on the events you have included in your day. If you'd like to know more about wedding timeline planning + have more of your questions answered about your photography coverage, I have an Exclusive Guide that will answer the questions I most commonly get asked by my brides.

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