Fuego Shoreline Sessions: Utilizing the elements around you to highlight your subject


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Length: 3.5 hours

Half hour of pre shoot class time

2 hours in the ocean (shoreline – we will only be getting in water deep enough to stand so there will be no need for swim equipment or flotation unless its a desired prop)

1 hour of post production going over the images shot

Required materials: bathing suit (prepare to get wet and sandy)

Suggested materials: water housing for your camera if you have one, camera, 35mm-50mm range suggested. 

Unleash new creativity by adding a water element into your sessions. The uncontrollable nature of the ocean will challenge you to flow with your subjects to capture one-of-a-kind moments. 

You will learn: 

  • The basics of using a water housing
  • How to use the movement of the water to your advantage
  • To create intimacy between your couple while on the shoreline
  • How to use all the elements in your surroundings to make the most of each shot
  • How to make your client stand out in the frame without compromising the rawness of the moment
  • To lead the viewers eye to where you want the focus in your images
  • ALL the little tips + tricks I wish I knew when getting started in water photography! 
  • This will not include shooting completely underwater

I will walk you through the process I use to have successful shoreline session, including how I prepare myself + my couples + how I shoot for less editing in post-production.

During our time together, each participant will have the opportunity to shoot our two models using my water housing or your own if you have one. We will spend 2 hours shooting at the shoreline + in waist deep water.


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